Below are some frequently asked questions about Develop. Click on the question to see the answer.

What is Develop?

Develop is the Minnesota Registry that offers training and quality improvement tools to support early learning & school-age care. With a single login, you will be connected to your training records, locate events, register & pay, print your DHS learning records, and apply for Parent Aware. In addition, you can apply for grants and scholarships. Just as you grow and improve every day, Develop is also continuously growing and improving.

What happened to the Registry?
Develop is the Minnesota Registry, but it’s also so much more. That’s why we gave it a new look and a new name. It still has all the same features of the Registry and still has all your Registry data. But we’ve built on new features so now you can do even more. Explore this website to learn more.
Who runs Develop?

The Minnesota Department of Human Services, Achieve, (The Minnesota Center for Professional Development,) Child Care Aware, Parent Aware and the Minnesota Department of Education all work together to operate and support the professional development features within Develop. 

Who should use Develop?

If you are an individual who works directly with children or whose work supports the early learning and school-age care community, you should have an account in Develop.

There are two types of accounts:

Individual account:

  • Initial account that is created when you sign up
  • Keeps track of your training events
  • Allows you to locate, register & pay for training

Individual Membership:

Includes the benefits of the Individual account plus:

  • Plan and track professional development through Achieve (MNCPD)
  • Apply to become a trainer, RBPD specialist
  • Submit training events
  • Apply for Parent Aware
  • Apply for grants and scholarships
  • Receive a membership card

In addition, we also have Organizational Accounts for

  • School-based Pre-K programs
  • Early Childhood Special Education programs
  • Early Childhood Family Education programs
  • School-age care & education programs
  • Afterschool programs
  • Center-based Child Care programs
  • Family Child Care programs
  • Summer programs
  • *Head Start grantees and sites
  • Child Care Aware agencies
  • Institutes of Higher Education
  • Training Sponsors of all kinds
  • Parent Aware rated programs

You can track the professional development of your staff, sign them up for training events and become an approved training sponsor organization.


How do I log into Develop?

Once you register for an account, you'll receive and id number and password. On the Home page go to the top right hand cornor and click on Login. Enter your ID number and password and away you go!

Who funds Develop?

Develop was made possible by Minnesota’s Race to the Top—Early Learning Challenge Grant, with ongoing funding provided by the Child Care Development Fund Block Grant, as managed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

How do I join Develop?
  • In the top right corner of the screen, you'll see a Signup icon that looks like a pencil.
  • Click on that icon to go to the Signup page.
  • Under the words, Sign up as a…, click on the word Individual.
  • You will then be asked to enter your name, email address, birth date, and the last five digits of your social security number. Then click Continue.
  • You will then enter additional information to get your account set up.
  • After reviewing and signing the Notice of Privacy Practices, your password and Individual Develop ID Number will be emailed to you at the email address you provided.
  • Look for that email with your Individual Develop ID Number and password and then use your Individual Develop ID Number and password to log in to the system.
Please note: signing up does not mean you have completed the process for becoming a member of the Registry.  For more information on Registry membership please see below.
Do I have to join Develop?

Participation in Develop is voluntary.Please note that programs participating in Parent Aware and some employers do require some level of participation.

What does it mean to have a membership in Develop?

All professionals working in the field of early education and/or child care are encouraged to apply for membership in Develop. This includes individuals providing direct care or education to children and also individuals who support the care and education of children by administering programs, supporting those who work directly with children, and working to build the quality of the field as a whole. Becoming an member of Develop means that you will document your professional achievements in Develop and track your progress on the Career Lattice.

How do I create an Organization Account?What is a membership card?

Develop Membership Cards

What is a Develop membership card?

Front side of Develop membership card
Back side of Develop membership card

Your card has your name, ID number, and a QR code that trainers can scan to quickly and accurately record your attendance.

Note: Cards are not valid proof of current membership

Who receives a Develop membership card?

Current members receive Develop membership cards in the mail. If you have never been a member or have an expired membership, you can receive a card by applying for your first membership or by renewing your membership. Your membership card will be mailed to you separately from your Career Lattice Step certificate. Not sure if your membership is current? Sign in and check your account!

How can I use my Develop membership card?

Your Develop membership card can help make sure you get credit for training events you attend. Here's how it works:

  1. Show your Develop membership card to the trainer or event organizer.
  2. Participating trainers or event organizers can scan your card with a smart phone or mobile device and easily take attendance. If a trainer is not able to scan your card, they can use your name and Develop ID number to record your attendance.
  3. Once the trainer has recorded your attendance, the training event will appear on your Develop Learning Record.

What if I did not receive my card or need a replacement card?

Your Develop membership card is printed and mailed when you become a Develop member or when you request a replacement card. You can request a replacement card by clicking the "Request New Card" link on the Summary tab in your individual account. This may take up to 6 weeks to receive your card. If you have any questions about membership cards, please contact Develop at

What should I do if I forgot my password?
In the top right corner of the screen, you'll see a Login icon that looks like a house with a keyhole. Click on that icon to go to the Login page. Under the “Sign In” button, you will see the words “Forgot User ID or Password?” Click on these words and then enter your email address. Your password will be sent to that email address.
What is the difference between events and courses?

Courses are content (theory, knowledge, and/or skills) delivered at a certain level of depth (which determines the number of hours).

Events are instances of a course.

How do I get help?
If you have questions about professional development or about your individual membership, contact the Minnesota Center for Professional Development. Toll free phone: 855-378-3131 or email at If you have questions about using the Parent Aware features in Develop, send an email to You'll get a response within 72 hours. If you’re not sure who is best suited to answer your question, click here to complete the Contact Form to send an email. We'll find the right person and get back to you within 72 hours.
Are programs in Parent Aware required to use Develop?

For child care programs that are in Parent Aware:

  • Starting July 1, 2017 all providers/lead teachers must have a Individual Membership in Develop AND must identify their current employer by license number.

For more information, please go to

For Head Start grantees (including their sites) and School Districts (including their sites):

  • No individual memberships are required.
  • Grantees and Districts are encouraged to register their organizations and apply online, but they are not required to do so. A paper application is available online at and can be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education.
  • Grantees and districts will be able to apply for Parent Aware on behalf of their sites without registering their sites.
  • If you have a question, please contact
Why do you ask for the last five digits of my Social Security Number?

If you ever forget your Individual ID, we want to be able to help you regain access to your account. When two people have very similar names, it can be difficult to determine which account belongs to which person. Because most of us know our Social Security Number (SSN), this is an easy way to more uniquely identify a person. If you don’t have a SSN or are uncomfortable providing your SSN, you can provide a different 5-digit number to help us identify your account.

Please note: Develop staff does not have access to these numbers.

How do you protect my private data?
Great question! Everyone who works on Develop is committed to protecting your personal information. For more details about what we can and can't do with your personal information, read the Notice of Privacy Practices.

If you have an organizational account, we are protecting your organization's data too. To find out how, read our Terms of Agreement for Organizations

Tool Tips

Keep an eye out for helpful Tool Tips throughout the Develop app. Tool Tips are marked by an icon that shows a question mark inside a circle (?). Expand the Tool Tip by clicking this icon with your mouse!