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Move Mindfully® For Early Education: Introduction to Mindfulness, Movement and Social/Emotional Learning for Early Educators

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Learn how to integrate developmentally appropriate mindfulness, movement and social/emotional learning practices into Early Education Environments. Deepen your understanding of the impact of trauma and stress on both children and adults. Develop practical research-based interventions to assist young children with self-regulation, focus, de-escalation, community connection and overall well-being. Learn breathing exercises, simple regulating-movement, relaxation techniques and social/emotional skill development activities to incorporate into early education environments. Develop a toolkit of practices for use with the children you work with and for your own self-care.

2.00 Hours

Course Level

Level 1 – Explores

Approved clock hour course

Course Category

Early Childhood

General Course

II.C: Promoting Social and Emotional Development (2 Hours)

CDA Content Areas

Content Area III: Positive ways to support children’ social and emotional development (2 Hours)

Early Childhood Classroom Staff
School-Age Classroom Staff
Family Child Care
Home Visitor
Parent Educators
RBPD Specialists
- Social Workers, Counselors, Therapists

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